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What our clients say....

"DRH & Associates has made it possible for our company to keep up with the technological changes that have affected our  business over the past thirteen years. They're great!"                Steve Bullock, Cerrell Associates

As a Public Relations firm, Cerrell's requirements are unique, ranging from major political events to grass roots mailing campaigns.  Cerrell's network includes Novell, Microsoft, eSoft, Cisco and Citrix technologies.  We installed and maintain Cerrell's complete network, from cabling to desktops to applications.

Visit Cerrell's Web Site at www.cerrell.com

"This solution is the only technology I have purchased in years that has out-performed every one of its promises."         Cyril Cianflone, Triad Worktek

Triad Worktek is a placement company for high tech jobs.  Their requirement is high capacity on-line storage to maintain the thousands of scanned resumes.  The resumes must be immediately available from both of their locations.  We installed and maintain Triad's local and wide area networks, which include Microsoft and eSoft technologies.

Visit Triad Worktek's Web Site at www.worktek.com

"The best thing about DRH is the way they assess a client's needs. They give the best technology available, but with a practical approach that saves us time and money."                        Joe Paller, Gilbert & Sackman

Gilbert & Sackman is a Law Corporation.  Their requirements are document publishing and file/print services.  Internet research is also a must for Gilbert & Sackman.  We have been maintaining Gilbert & Sackman's network for more than 15 years.   

Visit Gilbert & Sackman's Web Site at www.gslaw.org


Many late nights....

are spent working in the lab to make certain that the solutions we offer will work in a client's  unique environment, as well as studying for the many tests required to maintain our certifications and authorizations. 

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